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Rats – There are two species of rat common to Britain, the brown rat RATTUS NORVEGICUS and the black rat RATTUS RATTUS. The word Rodent comes from the latin RODERE meaning “to gnaw”. Rats can cause serious damage to property, gnawing through the fabric of buildings and electrical wiring. Some diseases carried by rats can be passed on to us including Leptospirosis (weil’s disease), Salmonella, E-coli and Ringworm. Theoretically one pair of rats can produce 800 offspring each year ! Rat control Warrington Cheshire. Rat problem. Rat infestation Warrington. Rat Catcher Warrington. Rat Treatment Warrington Cheshire. Pest Control Warrington Cheshire. Rat Treatment Widnes. Rat Treatment Wigan. Rat Treatment Golborne.



Mice – The most common in Britain is the House mouse MUS DOMESTICUS. Like the rat, mice can cause tremendous damage when they enter our buildings and homes. Many campers and caravanner’s have suffered the effects of a winter mouse infestation, fabrics and canvas are shredded to make nests leaving expensive damage in their wake. Of course there are health implications too, mice have notoriously weak bladders contaminating foodstuffs with their urine as they move around. Mouse treatment Warrington Cheshire. Mouse control Warrington. Mouse infestation Warrington Cheshire. Pest Control Warrington Cheshire. Mouse control Widnes. Mouse treatment St. Helens. Mouse control Knutsford.




Grey Squirrels – Although they have become a seemingly charming part of our wildlife, we must not forget that the grey squirrel is not native to Britain having been introduced from the USA. They cause serious damage to our woodlands and forestry, stripping bark from saplings. In buildings they can gain access to roof spaces, gnawing through electrical wiring, plumbing and roof timbers. They may carry squirrel pox, a disease which is fatal to our rare native red squirrels. Nests of wild birds are raided and the eggs eaten. Squirrel Control Warrington Cheshire. Habitat Management Cheshire. Grey Squirrel Control Warrington. Pest Control Warrington Cheshire. Squirrel Control Widnes. Squirrel Control St. Helens. Squirrel Control Knutsford. Pest Control Northwich. Squirrel Control Northwich.



Rabbits – Like the grey squirrel, rabbits make up of part of our idyllic British country scene, however unchecked the damage they cause can be the ruin of gardens, sports fields and agricultural land. Crops and produce can be decimated. The potential speed of rabbit breeding is legendary with females producing up to five litters of up to a dozen offspring that reach breeding age themselves in under four months. Rabbit Control Warrington. Sports Field Pest Control.




Moles – Living mainly underground, moles are rarely seen, but their tunnels and mole hills are a common sight. On sports fields and in gardens their tunnels cause the ground above to collapse. They cause damage to crops and plants by eating their roots from beneath. Stones brought to the surface by their digging can damage mowers and harvesters, soil from mole hills can also spoil silage. Mole catcher Warrington. Mole control Cheshire. Pest Control Warrington Cheshire. Pest Control St Helens. Pest Control Widnes. Pest Control Wigan. Pest Control Knutsford. Mole Control St. Helens. Mole Control Wigan.




Foxes – We have seen an explosion in the fox population in recent years possibly because of changes in legislation. They have been able to adapt to life in our towns and cities. This has led to a rise in complaints especially during breeding season when their barking and screaming at night cause disturbance. They mark their territories with a scent ( you may have noticed your dog rubbing their necks into this on the ground – very unpleasant!) Foraging in bins and faeces add to their unpopularity. Fox Control Warrington Cheshire. Fox trapping Cheshire. Fox Treatment Warrington. Pest Control Warrington. Pest Control Lymm. Fox Control St. Helens. Fox Control Altrincham. Fox Control Leigh.




Feral Cats and Stray Dogs – Domesticated pets are often abandoned and become feral or wild. Cats especially have learned to live “in the shadows” along side us. However the mess caused by foraging through refuse , excrement and their urine are harmful to our health particularly in sensitive areas such as food premises, hospitals and schools. Cats and dogs will be trapped (unharmed) and healthy animals are sterilised by a vet ready for “adoption” Stray animal control Warrington. Pest Control Warrington Cheshire. Pest Control Widnes. Pest Control Northwich.




Wasps – Inflicting painful, dangerous stings the wasp can cause alarm when present in large numbers. A lone wasp can be dealt with easily , however a nest should only be tackled by a professional wearing protective clothing. Nests are treated with insecticides applied with special equipment directly into the nest site. Wasps nest removal is not always possible or necessary, but don’t worry, once treated a nest can never be used again. Wait until winter and simply break up the dried structure if it concerns you. Wasps Nest Treatment Warrington Cheshire. Wasp Control. Wasp Treatment Warrington. Wasps Nest Removal Warrington Cheshire. Wasps Nest Treatment Widnes. Wasp Treatment St Helens. Wasp Treatment Wigan. Wasp Treatment Knutsford. Wasp Treatment Leigh. Wasp Treatment Golborne. Wasps Nest Removal Northwich. Wasp Treatment Northwich.





Ants – Most common around buildings or in the garden is the Black or Garden ant. Found in soil or within masonry and under paving, they cause a nuisance when foraging in domestic or commercial premises for sugary foodstuffs. Within buildings we may encounter the Pharaoh’s ant, smaller and light yellow in colour they like heat and humidity and are notoriously difficult to eradicate. If found DO NOT spray with a fly or ant spray, unlike the Black ant, Pharaoh’s ants have multiple queens and can “bud off” into new colonies if disturbed MULTIPLYING THE PROBLEM MANY TIMES OVER. Special treatment is required. Ant Treatment Warrington. Ant Control Warrington Cheshire. Black Ant Treatment . Garden Ant Treatment Warrington. Ant Treatment Widnes. Ant Treatment St. Helens. Ant Treatment Wigan. Ant Treatment Northwich. 



Cockroaches – The scourge of food premises, cockroaches are notoriously difficult to control with the female carrying multiple egg cases containing many young. Almost like a mobile incubator they can relocate to a safe area if treatment is applied to their harbourage. Their activity peaks during the hours of darkness, feeding on anything from freshly prepared foodstuffs to faeces, vomit and nail clippings. They move from filth to food indiscriminately spreading pathogens such as those causing food poisoning and infections in wounds. Cockroach Treatment Warrington. Cockroach Control Warrington Cheshire. Pest Control Warrington Cheshire. Cockroach Treatment Widnes. Cockroach Treatment St. Helens. Cockroach Treatment Northwich. Pest Control Northwich. Cockroach Treatment Wigan. Cockroach Treatment Altrincham.




Bedbugs – Becoming more widespread again in Britain, bedbugs may be brought into your home in second hand furniture or on clothing, remaining undetected for considerable periods until a suitable host appears. They feed at night on the blood of their human host, very often scratching and itching results in secondary infection which can last for weeks. Treatment is very difficult as they may use even the inside if light fittings as harbourages which have to be removed and treated with residual insecticides. If bed bugs are detected, do not move anything from that room, treatment must begin immediately to prevent spreading. Bed bugs Warrington Cheshire. Bedbug Control. Bed bugs. Bed bug treatment Widnes. Bed bug treatment St. Helens. Bed bug treatment Wigan. Bed bug treatment Northwich. Bed bug treatment Chester. Bed bug treatment Wigan.



Fleas – Both cat and dog fleas can cause considerable distress. Their bites are very painful and can be responsible for the spread of tapeworm. They can remain inactive for a considerable time until a suitable host arrives, with vibration being the trigger for the adults to emerge from the pupa. This explains why even in an empty house which previously had pets, you may be attacked by fleas. FLEA BOMBS do not work!  They will kill the exposed adults and larva but the eggs and pupa will remain deep within the carpet fibres in their protective casings. Ten to fourteen days later, when the new adults emerge they will be totally unaffected. Treatment must be in two stages using an insecticide with a residual action. Flea treatment Warrington Cheshire. Cat Flea Warrington. Dog Flea Warrington Cheshire. Flea Control. Flea treatment Widnes. Flea treatment St. Helens. Flea Treatment Wigan. Flea Treatment Runcorn. Flea Treatment Northwich. Flea Treatment Knutsford. Flea Treatment Altrincham. Flea Treatment Leigh. Flea Treatment Golborne. Flea Control Lymm.





Flies – There are many flying insects which we shall include as flies, including bluebottles, houseflies, cluster flies, fruit flies and stable flies, but there are many many more. Sometimes the reasons for the appearance of flies is quite obvious such as keeping your waste bins clean and closed in summer. Others are a little more difficult such as a sudden arrival of bluebottles which may be attributed to something such as a dead bird in the chimney! Standing water may be responsible for “drain flies”………… there is always a reason! Insect control Warrington. Cluster Flies Warrington Cheshire. Fly control Warrington.Cluster Flies St. Helens. Cluster Flies Widnes. Cluster Flies Runcorn. 




Mosquitoes – Again, standing or stagnant water acts as a breeding ground. Most common in Britain is the CULEX which can give an itchy bite but does not carry malaria! Treatment can be supplemented with fly screens or electronic fly killers. Pest Control Warrington Cheshire. Insect Control Warrington Cheshire. Insect Treatment Warrington.






Stored Product Insects  - Whether in the home or in business we may encounter a range of pests which we will refer to as stored product insects. Moths, grain beetles, flour beetles, booklice, rice weevils and many many more fall into this category. Good housekeeping along with the application of residual insecticides are used in treatment but infested product may have to be incinerated. Beetles Warrington. Book Lice Cheshire. Weevils Warrington. Pest Control Warrington. Pest Control St. Helens. Pest Control Widnes. Pest Control Wigan . Pest Control Runcorn. Pest Control Northwich. Pest Control Leigh.




Textile Pests and Scavengers – Clothes moths, fungus beetles, silverfish, carpet beetles and many others can cause considerable damage as their names suggest. Sheep’s wool insulation has proved to be a wonderful breeding ground for many moths which can then move on to your furnishings and clothes. A sudden outbreak of Carpet Beetles may be due to a dead bird in the chimney, or the introduction of a cat or dog into the home. Described as dermestid -”skin eating” beetles they find dried dog and cat food irresistible, as it contains animal skin. Pest Control Warrington. Moths Warrington. Insect Control Warrington Cheshire. Moth Treatment Warrington. Moth Treatment Widnes.





Timber Pests -Furniture beetles (woodworm), wharf borers and death watch beetle can cause considerable damage to the fabric of a building, floor and roof timbers may be riddled with holes caused by the larva of these beetles. We can treat the timbers and give an inspection/treatment report to satisfy surveyors recommendations. If however the infestation is extreme then the removal of the effected timber may be necessary. Woodworm Warrington Cheshire. Furniture Beetle Warrington Cheshire. Woodworm Treatment St. Helens. Woodworm Treatment Widnes. Woodworm Treatment Runcorn. Woodworm Northwich. Woodworm Wigan. Woodworm Altrincham. Woodworm Lymm. Woodworm Golborne.





Birds – Our feathered friends enjoy full protection of the law, however under various Acts (for pest birds) including The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, licences can be issued to authorised persons ” to kill or take certain birds to preserve public health or public safety” The list of pest birds which fall under these licences changes from time to time, so do not assume that your pest bird can be controlled by lethal methods. Wherever possible birds are disbursed by approved scaring devices, or discouraged from perching or nesting by the use of bird wires or bird spikes ( blunt spikes which cause no harm) If these measures do not work and public health or safety is compromised certain birds can be shot under a general licence as a last resort. Bird Control Warrington Cheshire. Feral Pigeon Control Warrington. Pest Control Warrington. Bird control Widnes. Bird Control Wigan. Bird Control St. Helens. Pigeon Control Cheshire. Pigeon Control Lancashire. Pigeon Dropping Cleaning. Bird Dropping Cleaning. Birds Nest Removal Warrington. Bird Spikes. Bird Wires Warrington.

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